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Couple Plead Guilty to Sexual Exploitation of a 17 Month Old Girl

Justin Crandall, 28, and Jessica Crandall, 27, were providing daycare for a seventeen month old child.  It was later discovered that they were exploiting the girl sexually when Mr Crandall sent out a picture of him abusing the child and it was reported to the police.

 A New York husband and wife have pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 17-month-old girl they baby-sat and making videos of the abuse.

Justin and Jessica Crandall pleaded guilty Friday to federal charges tied to the sexual exploitation of the toddler.

Prosecutors say the couple baby-sat the child in their home in Sidney between November 2016 and February 2017.

They say 28-year-old Justin Crandall shot videos and photos of himself using the child in sex acts.

Investigators the abuse was connected to his addiction to meth.

The Press & Sun-Bulletin reports court papers say 27-year-old Jessica Crandall admitted she and her husband engaged in ‘repeated sexual activities’ involving the child.

Court documents by the U.S. Attorney’s Office described the abusive acts in graphic detail.

‘(Justin) Crandall admitted he touched the minor female child in a sexual manner while he was under the influence of methamphetamine,’ investigators stated in court records.

Justin Crandall faces three counts of sexual exploitation of a child as well as one count of distribution of child pornography.

His wife admitted to counts of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child and sexual exploitation of a child.

The child’s mother told investigators she noticed a change in her child’s behavior and discovered unexplained injuries on the girl’s body.

Both Crandalls face a minimum penalty of 15 years in prison. They will be sentenced February 23 in federal court in Binghamton.

What makes people do such atrocities to young children?  What kind of sick mind gets gratification over abusing a young child?  There has to be very deep pits in hell where people like this get thrown into after they die.

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