Texas Teacher Caught Sexting With Her Student Because Husband Worked Too Hard [VIDEO]

A former Texas high school teacher was reportedly accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a male student.

The high school teacher identified as Sara D’Spain, who taught at Kerrville’s Tivy High School, was arrested last Thursday following a police investigation into the alleged tryst.

Local investigators are keeping their lips tight about the case, but an arrest affidavit states that D’Spain allegedly admitted to communicating with the victim through Snapchat, local sources report.

According to the report, D’spain who is apparently married and a mother-of-two sent the student an explicit photo through the social media app.

Earlier this month, it was reported that she also allegedly met the student behind Culver’s Restaurant in Kerrville. Detectives on the case said the formed educator kissed the minor and let him fondle her breasts over her clothing.

The improper relationship came to light after another Tivy High School student was sent a photo of D’Spain posing in her bra.

D’Spain, 38 year old, who also complained that her husband spends too much of his time working was questioned about the photograph and allegedly told police that she sent it to a former student and only then started communicating with him after he graduated.

Local news channel reports that she doesn’t face charges for that sent photo.

When investigators asked if she was communicating with any current students at the school, D’Spain allegedly told them that she was and then confessed to sending the current student an explicit image.

D’Spain, who started was known to be working with the district in January 2016, was fired after the incident.

She was charged with having an improper relationship between an educator and student and booked into the Kerr County Jail on a $35,000 bond. She’s since bonded out.

The school district’s Superintendent sent a letter home to parents last week alerting them to the allegation, a local news reports.

“The safety and well-being of our students is our first and most important priority. These allegations are of behaviors that will not be tolerated in our school district and that are not indicative of our faculty and staff,” Dr. Mark J. Foust wrote on the official letter.

Source: The SUN UK

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