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Watch As Tractor Trailer Lurches Before Turning Over [VIDEO]

Dashcam footage shows a tractor trailer shaking back and forth violently before overturning in the middle of a Pennsylvania highway.  The truck was on it’s way to the Pocono Mountains when the mishap occurred.

It is unusual for a tractor trailer to flip like that and there are two possible explanations.  The trailer could have been misloaded, either because too much weigh was loaded on one side of there was insufficient weight over the fifth wheel that would normally  hold the trailer firmly in place.  The second possibility would be very high winds and an empty trailer, which would allow wind to have a major effect on it’s stability.

The truck slid in a flurry of sparks and smoke, coming to a halt right before an exit.

‘I called 911 right away and went outside to check on driver,’ the other driver said in the caption of the video.

The truck driver was shaken up but uninjured. The owner of the other car provided police with a written statement and the dashcam footage.

The accident took place on September 22, 2017.

Horrifying dashcam footage show the truck flipping over and crashing in a flurry of sparks

The truck slid to a halt right before an exit. The driver was shaken up but unharmed


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