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Illegal Aliens Make the Most Idiotic Demands of ICE, You Simply Won’t believe

Illegal aliens and their activists have made a list of demands they want ICE to adhere to.  Well, like my daddy always said, wish in one hand and take a crap in the other and see which hand gets full the quickest.  We are all used to seeing demands from these criminal illegal aliens and I for one thought I had seen them all.  I was sadly mistaken.

They want ICE to give them every new procedure and rule they give their agents before they are to take effect and more importantly, they want to be notified in advance of every raid with the time and place they are to be conducted.  Do the police call up a murder suspect to tell him or her that they will be coming to arrest them at 4:30?  I’m pretty certain they don’t because they continue to arrest murderers.

 WJZ News reported that a group called “CASA” told Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Boston that officials need to show their enforcement plans to the very people who are breaking the law… and hilariously, the group is also demanding that ICE let lawbreakers know ahead of time before any enforcement takes place.

“We’re demanding that ICE show us our papers as community members and really document that they’re not going to be doing these violations against our community,” declared Lydia Walther-Rodriguez, an illegal immigration activist.

“The group is demanding that ICE be transparent about any policy changes that impact the immigrant community. They also want to know if any mass deportations are on the horizon,” reported WJZ.

Those demands would be hilarious in any other context. “Car thieves want two-hour head start” and “home invaders demand written notice of security systems” might be equally plausible headlines.

The fear of immigration enforcement felt by groups of people, er, breaking the law has risen over the past several weeks.

“The backlash comes after the leak of an internal DHS memo revealed that nationwide raids targeting 8,400 undocumented immigrants were planned for later this month,” explained WJZ News.

“Frankly, we are very scared about what’s coming down the road,” said Megan Essaheb for Asian Americans Advancing Justice, another illegal immigrant advocacy group.

Someone should let them know that Obama is no longer in charge and their one way ticket home is about to be punched.

H/T The Conservative Tribune

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