Devastated Mother Finds Daughter’s Final ‘Cry For Help’ After She Killed Herself

A mother discovered a cryptic message saying “help me” that was believed her 16-year-old daughter left a suicide note.

Cousin Maisie’s body was discovered in a nearby woodland lane by Amy’s boyfriend after a massive search was launched to find her after she went missing.

Maisie left a note that was known to be as an ambigram’, a stylised word or phrase which has a contrasting meaning when read upside down. The note is saying ‘I’m fine’ if read one way and when it was turned upside down, it says ‘help me’.

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The police investigation confirmed that the incident was a suicide.

Her 46-year-old mother, Helen Cousin, admitting she had no idea Maisie was depressed, Helen said: “I never thought she would do this. We were very close and she was always by my side. I really thought she could talk to me about anything.

“I had no idea she was hiding these feelings and I hope that I can just help other teenagers now to speak to someone before it is too late.”

As part of the police procedures, they have tried to check on her phone hoping to find answers in the case of her sudden death. They tried to track the text messages they have received but Apple won’t allow them access unless it was a threat of terrorism.

Helen said: ‘I couldn’t stop thinking about the note. There are kids out there, like Maisie, who don’t talk about their problems or seem to be upset. This summed it up for me.’

She decided she wanted to do something positive with the note. So she approached the Lapel Pin Company which made 750 badges.

Helen is selling them to raise awareness of teen suicide. ‘We didn’t know until Maisie died that suicide is one of the biggest causes of death among teenagers. We never had a conversation with her about it. We didn’t think we needed to, not with Maisie. We were wrong.’


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