Details Of Clinton Email Probe To Be Made Public via Judge’s Order

The Obama administration was plagued with a number of very serious scandals, even though this escapes the former president and every member of the mainstream news media who repeated his statement that he was pleased that his administration wasn’t plagued by scandals like previous administrations.

That mental illness aside, Hillary Clinton was deeply involved in many of the Obama scandals, and everyone, except the extra-chromosome liberals, was able to see that the highest powers of government went out of their way to protect her from prosecution.

One of those scandals was Hillary Clinton used a personal/private email server to conduct government business as Secretary of State, to avoid public/government scrutiny, for all the lucrative scam deals she setup where she sold the influence of her office for personal monetary gains.

President Trump, who said during a debate that he was thinking that if elected he would start an investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.  Once elected, Trump cut her a break and said he didn’t want to harm the Clintons.  You would think that Hillary Clinton would be thankful, because it’s plainly obvious that a first year law student could very easily get a slam dunk conviction.  But no.  Instead of ducking her head and fading off in a sunset, Hillary Clinton created a resistance organization called Onward Together, with the purpose of standing up to President Donald Trump.  In other words, to embolden fake news to attack Trump daily, and to embolden Obama holdovers in the deep state to do as much damage as they can to the Trump presidency.

This, if nothing else, should be a lesson to Republicans everywhere that no matter how nice you are to a Democrat, no matter how charitable you are to them, they will never reciprocate in kind, and, in fact, will attack you with as much viciousness as they can.

The American people have the right to know what their government officials are doing without government covering up potential crimes.  We have a new administration, and the deep state holdovers are still protecting Hillary Clinton to the point where a judge had to get involved to order the deep state to turn over documents that were requested via a FOIA request.

As The Daily Caller reported:

A federal judge ordered the FBI Thursday to publicly release previously unseen documents related to the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg ordered the FBI to produce uncensored court documents describing the grand jury subpoenas issued to force Clinton’s internet service providers to turn over information related to her private server use, according to a statement released by Cause of Action Institute.

The ruling was made in response to a motion filed in June as part of a suit brought by Cause of Action Institute and Judicial Watch. The organizations claim the Department of State violated the Federal Records Act by failing to maintain records related to Clinton’s handling of classified information.

Boasberg justified his ruling on the basis that the set of documents in question “rehashes information already made public, thus obviating any need for secrecy.”

Former FBI Director James Comey called Clinton’s use of a private email address and server to handle classified information “extremely careless” in his July Congressional testimony but stopped short of filing charges.

The requested documents relate specifically to subpoenas related to emails Clinton sent on two Blackberry accounts during her first few weeks in office.

The order comes days after the FBI refused to turn over documents related to their investigation into Clinton’s private email server, citing a lack of public interest to justify denying the FOIA request.


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