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Jerry Springer Asks Democrats About Running For Governor of Ohio

Jerry Springer, who has the raunchiest show on TV, which makes him the perfect candidate for the Democratic party, is now reconsidering running for governor of Ohio.  He had talks with top democrats in Cleveland, asking if it was too late to run for the office.  The party has been urging him to run for office ever since their election debacle of 2016.  There was even talk of running him for president in 2020, which may explain why he wants to run for governor.  Winning that could set him up for 2020.

Currently there are four democratic candidates for governor in 2018, including former state Rep. Connie Pillich; former U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton; Dayton Mayor Nan Whiley; and state Sen.  Joe Schiavoni, the former majority leader of the state Senate.  But Springer has name recognition and money  none of the other four candidates have.  He would be nearly a lock to get the nomination.  The general election might be a different story, but the democratic party has little or no bench since most of their hopefuls have been beaten in previous years.

 Tim Burke, Springer’s former Cincinnati City Council legislative assistant and current Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman, said Springer is able to move a crowd.

“If Jerry decides to run for public office, I will do everything I can to support his candidacy,” Burke told the Enquirer.

Candidate profile

Prior to his television stardom, Springer ran for multiple political offices. In 1970, he unsuccessfully ran for Congress. He was elected to the Cincinnati City Council in 1971. Springer resigned from his council position in 1974 amid a prostitution scandal but was re-elected the following year. He was chosen in 1977 to serve as Cincinnati mayor on a one-year rotating basis. In 1982, he unsuccessfully ran for governor of Ohio, Fox News.

He would get the low life vote but then again, what democrat doesn’t?

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